Custom Web Application Development Best Practices 2020

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Custom web application development is a massive industry in the technological world. Web application developers able to make a lot of money by developing a custom web application. But, it is not a simple task for every developer. There are so many things to consider before starting a custom web application.

It is easy to use existing industry-leading web applications rather than developing a custom one. For example, using WordPress for a blog or website is a smart decision for an average user because it is cost-effective with a lot of features and community support. But If you need a unique feature, you should consider custom application development. Both have there pros and cons.

Who needs Custom Web Application Development?

Any company or individual who not interested in using publicly available web applications and looking for a secure and custom web application in mind can develop a custom web application. If you use publicly available open-source tools to build your web application or website, It has some security challenges. As it is publically available, most people know the structure of the web application and easy to find backdoors. But it will cost more and take time to develop. Also, finding a custom web development company or an experienced developer is not an easy task.

A bank or business firm who looking to develop its business website or application, defiantly they have to go for a custom solution. Because security is the most priority, and they will have custom requirements for their industry needs.

Responsibilities of the custom web application developers.

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Custom web application development is not an overnight task. As a custom web application developer, you are responsible for the security, usability, and reliability of the application. Also, your web application should be able to scalable, and you have to use industry-leading technologies. Integration with third-party tools and other platforms is required. The other one is developing APIs for your custom application to communicate with other services.

Before you start custom development

As usual, before you start custom web application development, you should collect all the requirements from your clients. Analyze and discuss with your client and finish the deal before start coding. Because It is a custom application, you may need to start from scratch. If the requirements are not precise, it is challenging to finish the project.

You should decide which technology is suitable for this project and fix the exact timeframe to finish the project.

Improve your knowledge to use related technologies.

Even it is a custom web application, you can’t develop everything from scratch. You should consider using existing libraries and frameworks for rapid development. For example, if you are going to create a custom web application with PHP and MySQL, using the Laravel framework is the best choice. Improve your knowledge by learning a framework and related techniques; it will save your valuable time.


Custom web application development is not a simple task. But if you are good at developing custom applications, it will be an excellent opportunity to earn more on the industry. You can charge way more than regular development. Also, you can charge monthly or yearly for the maintenance of your custom application. Some developers will develop a custom application and license it as the subscription plan. Centralized applications can be licensed to multiple clients as well. The client who is looking for a custom web application development will think about quality and uniqueness. They will be able to pay a reasonable amount for the project.

There are so many benefits to custom web application development right now. Take time to develop your skills, learn industry-leading technologies, find the best clients, and earn big money for lifelong.

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